Elizabeth Coretto



  • Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts with Majors in Creative Writing and History with Honors, and a Minor in English 
  • Boston University Paralegal Certification Course, starting July 2018 

Prior to joining DangerLaw

  • At Oberlin, Liz studied history, creative writing, and English at Oberlin College, particularly focusing on LGBTQ+ history and narratives. 
  • For five summers, Liz worked at an environmental nonprofit in the suburbs of New York City, serving both as an assistant teacher for young children being introduced to the wonders of nature as well as in an administrative role.
  • As an undergraduate, Liz researched and helped prepare for a traveling nationwide exhibit detailing the history of Nisei students at Oberlin College during World War II.
  • Liz served as an intern in a small marketing firm in Manhattan, producing email blasts, analyzing metrics of customer traffic and implementing means of improving acquisition and retention of clients, and improving website functionality.

Outside of DangerLaw, Liz enjoys…

  • Hiking and spending time in green spaces.
  • Creative pursuits, particularly writing fiction, watercolor painting, and attempting to sustain a bullet journaling habit.
  • Learning fascinating but useless facts about a wide range of subjects, from marine biology to shipping corporations.


Office:  (617) 340-3231 x 2