Health Care Proxy

What is a Health Care Proxy?

A Heath Care Proxy empowers someone you know and trust to make your health care decisions when you cannot.  It toggles on and off inversely with your capacity.  If you are in surgery and under anesthesia, at the dentist hopped up on Nitric Oxide, or in a coma, your proxy can make decisions for you.  When you come out from under the anesthesia or Nitric Oxide, or recover from your coma, you regain control of your own health care decisions.

This document should also contain a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Release (HIPPA) to authorize your doctor to give your medical information to your proxy so that decisions made on your behalf and guidance provided to your medical team are informed and as you would wish.  Without a HIPAA release, your proxy may not be able to review your file, discuss the specifics of your case with your medical team or make educated decisions about your treatment.

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