“Even in an amicable divorce, the process will inevitably cost more than you anticipate. There will always be factors beyond your control – delays in court proceedings, or a spouse engaging an attorney who is more litigious than you expect,” says Amanda Shuman, a family law attorney at DangerLaw, LLC, in Newton, Massachusetts.

“Be prepared,” she says. “Also keep in mind, the court is a tool, not a weapon. The courts can help you get resolution on issues, but fighting for fighting’s sake is expensive.”

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DangerLaw has gone digital!

We are pleased to meet with you via phone or video conference in order to discuss how we can be helpful to you and your family. Please email us at attorney@dangerlaw.com to schedule an initial consultation.

We are also offering “Drive Thru” signings! Since we cannot yet go fully digital for estate planning signings (in order to comply with state laws), we’re moving reviewing documents to the digital sphere and then having brief, car-side signings in the DangerLaw parking lot. Our clients can still be protected for the future by signing these incredibly important documents, while limiting everyone’s contact. Reach out to us today if you’re interested!

Please know that we are open and working to serve our clients’ needs. While our office is closed to the public, we are able to access our space briefly to provide the essential services relative to estate planning, divorce and family law, and probate that our clients have come to rely on us for. We hope that you and your family remain healthy and safe.