Famous People From Newton, MA

Newton, MA is a home to many famous people. It is a suburban city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. Estimated to be 18.2 square miles this popular city consists of both land and water. Its proximity to highly sought locations such as Boston, Cambridge and Watertown makes it a desirable community especially to people working in Boston.

Outside view of Loren Towle in Newton MA

Perhaps as a result of its desirable location, many famous people either grew up in or spent time living in Newton, MA. They cover almost every sector ranging from education to showbiz celebrities. In fact, the number of famous people from Newton, MA are so significant that this article will literally just touch the surface.

Colonial Figures from Newton, MA

Since Newton has a rich history, we will kick off with some historical figures. The most notable ones are the well-known Native American, Waban, Ephraim Williams and Thomas Wiswall. Thomas is not only remembered for prominent early citizen for Cambridge Village, Massachusetts, which was in the 1600s. Ephraim was the benefactor of Williams College.

Newton On The Big Screen

When it comes to actors and actresses, Newton, Massachusetts also has a sizable share. Some of these include; Bette Davis, John Krasinski, Jack Lemmon, Matt Leblanc, Kathryn Erbe, Josephine Hull, Christopher Loyd, Matt Damon, Leonard Nimoy, Anne Dudek, Rebecca Pidgeon, and the list goes on and on. Some have of these actors and actresses have big awards like Bette Davis won the Oscars.

Let’s Talk Intellectual Achievements

In the academic world, Newton has a fair share as well. Many famous academicians who work in some of the most renowned institutions worldwide such as Harvard University and MIT hail from Newton. H. Robert Horvitz, who won one of the most coveted awards, the Nobel Prize, is from Newton, MA. The other academicians among the very many who join the famous people from Newton include; Steven Hyman, a neuroscientist, and Provost at Harvard, together with Frederick M. Ausubel at the same university, Rosalind Picard from MIT and the list is almost endless.

Newton’s Flourishing Business Community

Other well-known people from Newton include renowned businessmen and women, investors, sports personalities who range from baseball, auto racing, skating, football, soccer and so on, music and artists, politicians and public figures, science and technology, as well as other celebrities. In business, for example, Charles Bilezikian who is the co-founder of Christmas Tree Shops hails from Newton, MA. While J. J. Walworth, the founder of Walworth Manufacturing Company, a globally respected brand, was born in New Hampshire, he spent most of his life living in Newton.