At DangerLaw We Work With Our West Roxbury Clients To Protect Their Wishes And Care For Their Families

divorce attorneys in my area in West Roxbury MAAt DangerLaw LLC, founded by Attorney Deborah Danger, we work with our clients to protect their wishes and care for their families. Whether it’s customized Estate Planning (wills, trusts, health care proxy etc.) or Family Law (prenuptials, divorce, custody and support issues), our West Roxbury clients rely on us to help them navigate these challenging life situations.

Following are some of our areas of specialty:

Estate Planning Law

Some people assume that Estate Planning is only about asset allocation… not true! Let’s face it: life is filled with unanticipated events. A well drafted Estate Plan can protect you and help your loved ones answer unanticipated and life-changing questions that arise about your life, death, sickness and the unknown.

Divorce Law

We handle the full spectrum of divorce alternatives, from mediation and collaborative law to litigation. We understand what a tough time going through a divorce can be for our clients, and we help them with critical issues such as custody and support issues, and the division of property. We even provide a team of experts from related fields to help our clients, and host special “Divorce Bootcamp” events. Bottom line: we protect our clients, their families and assets by guiding them through the legal process and advocating for them 24/7.

Child Custody Law

Custody matters can be confusing, emotional, and overwhelming. When faced with the unknown, having an advocate you can trust will allow you to reach the best possible outcome. Our thoughtful team approach will help you handle your case with grace and humility while protecting your assets and transitioning your family into its next phase of life. Let us help you make the right moves.

Guardianship Law

Are you deciding whether to enlist help caring for someone who is losing their ability to live independently? Do you feel ambivalent about doing so? Deborah’s experience with this challenging part of life may benefit you and your loved ones.


At DangerLaw, LLC, we have both the experience and the passion for working with LGBTQ couples. Our approach assures that you will get compassionate, up-to-date advice, and that we are sensitive to your concerns and feelings. We can share our expertise as it relates to LGBTQ estate planning, health care proxies and durable power of attorney, as well as adoptions and co-parenting. Let us know how we can help you.

Family Law Services Offered to Our West Roxbury Clients

  • Support Issues
  • Health Care Proxies
  • Divorce Help
  • LGBTQ Planning
  • Trusts
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • HIPAA Releases
  • Divorce Bootcamp
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Probate Litigation
  • Guardianship
  • Divorce Alternatives
  • Prenuptial
  • Special-Needs Trusts
  • Asset Protection
  • Family Law
  • Collaborative Law
  • Custody
  • Caregiving Issues
  • Division of Property
  • Estate Planning

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your needs.

More About Our Services for West Roxbury Residents

When You Need Estate Planning Or Family Law Services We Are Here

Estate planning is one of those things many put off doing, but really shouldn’t. Good planning means balancing and prioritizing what is most important to you. Then structuring it all in a legal manner to ensure your wishes are carried out the way you want.

For some, this process is difficult, and having a law firm that understands the process and one that can help you through it with compassion and commitment is paramount to a positive experience.

Our law firm’s objective is to fully understand your goals and priorities for both your finances and family and to provide the services necessary to achieve those priorities.

There are many situations where having legal documentation of your wishes is paramount to your decisions being carried out the way you want them to be. If your health were to ever deteriorate suddenly because of injury or illness, then you may not be able to express your wishes at that time. But with an estate plan that covers such contingencies, you needn’t worry.

You can have someone you trust designated as your power of attorney. As well, you can have instructions you wish followed under certain situations such as how long to continue life support.

Good estate planning will spell all details of how you want any and all personal and business assets distributed at the time of death. Using tools such as a trust and a well-structured will, we can help ensure our clients get the best outcomes.

Here Are Some Of The Services Our Estate Planning And Family Law Firm Offers:

Incapacity Planning

In the unforeseen event you become incapacitated before passing away, you can have legal directives in place to ensure things are handled the way you wish.

Financial Planning

By working closely with our clients we help them structure their financial goals and advise them on estate planning and help coordinate their wishes into legal directives that ensure their wishes are carried out.

Wills And Living Trusts

It is important to create legal documentation while you are of sound mind and body to make certain your wishes are carried out should you suddenly become incapacitated. We can help establish Family Limited Partnerships, Powers of Attorney, Irrevocable Trusts, Gifting Strategies for Charities, and of course Living Wills.

Medicaid And Other Elder Services

We can assist clients to help ensure their estates are properly preserved and still qualify for medical benefits from the government. Doing this with the right law firm is paramount to preventing your nest egg from being wiped by the high cost of a nursing home.

Legacy Preservation

For those with legacies they wish to preserve that include not only their wealth, but family stories, heirlooms and other things they wish to preserve, we can offer special services to help preserve those things. Wills and Trust can specifically spell out what our clients wishes are and how they want those things managed.

These services can include reducing estate taxes, protecting beneficiaries in the event they go through divorce, avoiding probate, Charatable strategies and more.

Areas Served

Newton, Brookline, Needham, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Waverley, Natick, Needham Heights, Nonantum, Oak Hill, Roslindale, Thompsonville, Waban, Waltham, Watertown, West Roxbury, Allston, Arlington, Auburndale

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