What Makes Us Different?

First and foremost, we rely almost exclusively on customizing our work to our clients’ personal preferences…it is all about YOU.


Thorough, accurate legal advice and education.

This is our area of expertise, but you are the expert about your own needs. DangerLaw takes what we have learned over the years, educates you, and then helps you make smart choices about imperative life decisions.


Competitive pricing.

We periodically survey other attorneys to ensure competitive pricing. While decisions about legal representation should not be driven exclusively by price, DangerLaw’s rates are quite reasonable.


Flexible office hours.

Mornings, evenings, weekends or holidays. What’s most convenient for you?


Easy, streamlined process for Estate Planning, featuring:

  • Fixed fees, no surprises: We want you to know how much the preparation of your documents will cost before we begin our work. Wondering about cost until the end of the process is a distraction you need not suffer. The cost to prepare your documents is fixed. The amount of time it takes to get it right is not.  A fixed price means you can focus on your wishes, not your wallet. We don’t charge extra for phone calls or additional questions for our Estate Planning clients.
  • Easy Process: Some attorneys ask you to complete a 30-50 page in-take form in order to begin. DangerLaw requests a simple, but thorough, questionnaire before our initial meeting, and we work with you personally to customize your documents. We also provide a quick turn-around, typically within three weeks of plan identification.
  • The Fun Factor: Estate planning is typically perceived as time consuming, confusing, intimidating and perhaps morbid.  DangerLaw is known for making this process easy, efficient, and actually FUN. Yes, fun.  We are so committed to making it enjoyable that we pledge a 5% discount to any client who makes us laugh.

Customized, thorough, supportive process for Family Law and all issues related to Divorce:

  • Each family is different. We understand how stressful the end of a marriage can be, for both partners and especially the children. There are so many factors to consider: childcare issues and support, custody, asset distribution/protection and alimony, to name just a few. We work with our clients to protect them and put the interests of their children first.
  • We’ll create the plan that’s best for you. Some couples who agree about the terms of separation can have their divorce mediated, rather than ruled by a Judge. For others, where litigation is necessary, we have a proven track record of representing our clients in court and securing all that they are entitled to.

Ordinary English vs “legalese.”

Your documents and results should not only be effective and binding, but also easy for you to read and understand…ours are.


Collaboration with people you trust.

DangerLaw, LLC takes a team approach to its cases.  Therefore, while more than one attorney may participate in a call, meeting, hearing, or task our clients are only be billed for the time of one lawyer.  In other words, our clients are never billed for two lawyers spending time on the same task. We also offer a holistic approach for our clients. Whether we’re working on your behalf on Estate Planning or Divorce, or any other legal matter, your final documents’ and results effectiveness will be fully maximized when they are closely integrated with other documents and plans created by your financial planner, accountant and other professional service providers. With your permission, DangerLaw will work with your trusted advisors to ensure that your objectives and documents are all synchronized.


We like different and unique.

If you are in a less conventional category, such as Same Sex Couple, Unmarried Couple, Recently Divorced Individual, Non-US citizen, or Women-Headed household, no worries.  We enjoy being thoughtful about your specific needs and wishes.  While the law may not support your accomplishment of goals, we do.  Come in and see how we can get you to where you want to go.

How Our Estate Planning Process Works

During our first meeting, we will:

  • Review your information
  • Gain a full understanding of your wishes
  • Help you prioritize your goals
  • Identify preferred care-givers and end-of-life options
  • Identify those people you know who will honor your wishes and your assets.

Next, we will educate you as to the purpose, function, and benefits of each document within your Estate Plan.

Then, together, we will create a customized set of documents that you can fully understand, maintain, easily describe to your family, and flexibly adjust when your goals and wishes change.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.