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At DangerLaw LLC, founded by Attorney Deborah Danger, we work with our clients to protect their wishes and care for their families.
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Estate Planning

Life is filled with unanticipated events. A well drafted Estate Plan can protect you and help your loved ones answer unanticipated and life-changing questions that arise about your life, death, sickness and the unknown.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is at the heart of our practice.  It includes divorce, estate planning, planning for aging and incapacity, probate litigation, elder law, and assistance with small and family business practices.  Our goal:  to ensure that you have the maximum amount of money available to you when you need it, that your legacy goals are identified and planned for, that your wishes are clearly documented and that nothing of yours is given up unnecessarily.

Family Law

We provide customized support to spouses who might be ending their marriages. We know how difficult this process can be, and have partner with a team of experts to help guide our clients through this challenging time.

Inspired Legal Planning for the Unexpected.

Whether it’s customized Estate Planning (wills, trusts, health care proxy etc.) or Family Law (prenuptials, divorce, custody and support issues), our clients rely on us to help them navigate these challenging life situations.


We focus on all aspects of Estate Planning, from simple wills to trusts, asset protection, guardianship, caregiving issues, special-needs trusts and probate litigation.


We also handle the full spectrum of Family Law and divorce alternatives, from mediation and collaborative law to litigation. We understand what a tough time this can be for our clients, and we help them with critical issues such as custody and support issues, and the division of property. We even provide a team of experts from related fields to help our clients, and host special “Divorce Bootcamp” events. Bottom line: we protect our clients, their families and assets by guiding them through the legal process and advocating for them 24/7.

We can help you every step of the way: as much or as little as you need.

You Can Rely on Us to Make the Process Comfortable and Productive. With our warm, collaborative spirit and professional approach, we deliver timely results, while ensuring:

  • Solid legal guidance grounded in years of experience and practical wisdom.
  • A true partnership that considers your needs, first.
  • A creative and thoughtful process that makes it easier to talk about difficult subjects.
  • Competitive fees
  • Convenient client meeting times. Anytime that’s convenient for you is convenient for us.
  • Responsiveness and timeliness. Emails and phone calls are answered quickly, and all documents are finalized on a timely basis.

Whether you need help with Estate Planning, Family Law or Asset Protection, we can help.

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5 Ways To Help Deal With Divorce

by: Candace McDuffie   Divorce is one of the most difficult and life-changing events that a person could ever experience. No matter which partner files first, the process is a painful one that frequently pits spouse against spouse and usually assets, property,...

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