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Wellesley is probably best known for Wellesley College, but there’s far more to it than that. Bruce’s first stop is always at Wellesley Books on Central Street where he can get a treat before hiking at Centennial Reservation. Don’t go through town without stopping by The Linden Store for awesome sandwiches or Wasik’s Cheese Shop. But the best known “secret” in Wellesley is commonly known as the Dump, and formally, the Recycling and Disposal facility, where many a resident has found something to take home at the give-and-take section. If you don’t live here, make friends with someone who does, and make a trip by the Dump. You’ll be glad you did. Finally, as with Newton, Needham, and Brookline, if you’re a fan of the Boston Marathon, Wellesley is on the route. Wellesley is oh so fabulous and worth checking out.

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