Deborah Danger To The Rescue!

Coming from a line of women with a whole lot of superstitions, it never occurred to me to prepare an estate plan. It would be like tempting fate. But when I met Attorney Deborah Danger at a dinner party it changed my tune. She helps people create customized wills, trusts, and estate plans, and was a lot of fun to talk with. (This is a woman who created a board game to help teach people about estate plans!) Today, she graciously spent time educating me about what’s involved with creating a customized plan.

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Why Not LegalZoom?

When asked, “Why should I pay you to prepare my will rather than LegalZoom?” I say, “Because a Will template will not meet your needs if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions.”

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QTIP Trusts Made Easy

As a lawyer, when consulted about estate planning, a big part of my job is helping people plan for aging, incapacity and where their money goes after they die. Most of this planning revolves around determining how to protect money from taxes and other preventable expenses. One way to guard against estate tax and ensure wishes are honored is an IRS sanctioned technique called a QTIP trust. This method is often used by those in second marriages with children from a first marriage.

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